The Ōsugi-jinja Shrine Festival
The Ōsugi-jinja Shrine Festival, the first of Nagareyama’s three annual festivals, is held across a weekend in late June every year in the Kagishi district. The festival takes place during Japan’s rainy season, signalling the arrival of summer in the city.
The Sengen-jinja Shrine Festival
The Sengen-jinja Shrine features the Fujizuka, a mound that was created in the shape of Mt. Fuji, is nearby. It is said that by climbing the Fujizuka, you receive the same blessings that you would if you climbed Mt. Fuji.

The Sengen-jinja Shrine Festival takes place across a weekend in early July. The carriers of the mikoshi, or miniature shrine, wear golden traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coats called happi. If you stand on the bank of the Edogawa River, you can get a great view of the festival as the mikoshi is carried along the street blow.
Akagi-jinja Shrine
The Ōshimenawa gyōji, designated by Nagareyama City as one of its intangible folk-cultural properties, is an event that is held on a Sunday around October 10 every year. During this event, the shrine’s torii (traditional gate at the entrance of a shrine) is decorated with a shimenawa, or decorative rope, that weighs about 500kg.

A festival is then held across the weekend after this. A small festival is held on Saturday night, the eve of the main festival. On Sunday morning, the mikoshi is carried around the town in the morning and returned to the shrine in the early evening. The festival ends with the impressive sight of the mikoshi being run up a set of steep stairs inside the shrine grounds.